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Welcome to the Right Lifestyle for You and Your Student.

You don’t want your student to waste valuable school work and study time by dealing with unpleasant landlords. At West Sixth, we believe your student’s environment is a key component to their academic success and overall well-being, which is why we provide a safe, interactive community that allows them to grow lasting relationships and rewarding college experience.



A Good Home is More Than Just an Apartment.

We offer students more than a just a place to catch up on some sleep. The college experience isn’t contained to the classroom, and we are here to make sure every student has a well-rounded college adventure that will help propel them into a successful future.



Expert On-Site Teams

Our hours are not just from 9 to 5. We have a member of the team available 24/7 who are experienced in addressing your student’s needs no matter what time of day they need it. We understand the importance of maintenance needs and our goal is to complete submitted work orders within 24 hours of their submission (with comfort and life safety issues addressed immediately). We believe it is our role to provide timely, professional service to the people who call West Sixth home.



Turning Housing into a Community

Textbooks and tests don’t cover everything a student needs to have a rewarding, successful college career. West Sixth provides well-balanced life programs that include a variety of educational, recreational and social activities that not only boost student’s academic achievement, but social achievement as well.



Building Security

Our first priority is to provide students with a safe and secure home. We take all the necessary precautions from strategic camera monitoring of all common areas to electronic key fobs access to the building, ensuring that only residents and their guests have access. Secure, underground parking and storage is available for bikes, scooters and cars. Professional on-site management and maintenance personnel are available to residents during regular business hours, as well as a 24-hour management and maintenance staff in case of emergency.



Focus on Studying

West Sixth is designed to make it easy for students to be able to study. All exterior walls have extra soundproofing, so each apartment provides a quiet and comfortable place for your student. There is also a 24/7 study lounge with internet access available to all students an additional area for study groups to meet. The fitness center also provides the perfect resource when students need to take a break from studying and recharge.


With close proximity to the city and the ASU campus, West Sixth is the perfect place to experience Tempe at it's finest. Get out and see all the sites of our beautiful city.



See what's happening at West Sixth. We offer community events, resident activities and more. See what all the buzz is about.